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The Little Things #9

I'll share with you guys a little secret, I don't always know what I'm doing. Mind blowing, right? I mean, here I am. Writing a blog. I must know all there is to know about organizing, I must have every single aspect of my life in order at all times. Well I don't...and guess what? That's okay! I don't get discouraged when something I try doesn't work out, at least when it comes to organizing. I see it as an opportunity to put on my creative thinking cap, grab my trusty Pinterest board and get to work! That sounds a little braggy, but all of that poor grammar was me trying to explain that your life doesn't have to be 100% perfect to be organized. And, that it's okay to try something (even one of my methods) only to realize it's not working. That's where I was when I found this week's little thing.

So, we retired my husband's Old Lady (car) a few weeks ago. I hate car shopping, but that story is more suited for a different kind of blog. We made the choice to grab a bigger vehicle for me/kid hauling. Now, I don't know about you guys but some days it feels like I live out of my car. Kid toys, groceries, on-the-go breakfasts, pet really take a beating. And to keep the honesty rolling, I hadn't really found a great system to keep it organized. In fact, on my list of blog post ideas I had listed "car organization" and in parenthesis next to it had written "get your shit together", indicating that I needed a solution.

Well I found one. A little on accident, actually. In order to keep our new car nice, I went in search of seat covers to put under the car seats. This was something I had meant to do before we had our first baby...five years ago...and I never did it. But not this time! And! I was rewarded for my efforts with this awesome bundle I found on Amazon! It not only had two seat covers for the same price as one (in all of the physical stores I checked out) but it also came with the super handy kick mat back seat protectors.

You guys, these have changed my the car. They have so many pockets with easy access for both of my kids and they really do prevent little feet from damaging the backs of the front seats. My two year old has already put them to the test.

Some of you may be thinking, what gives? This isn't blog worthy, it's not even all that clever of her. And you're kind of right. But, my "Little Things" posts aren't meant to show off my brilliance or even sell my services. They are meant to share something small that has drastically helped me keep my overall organization. And this cool product, definitely fits the bill. Remember, you don't need an overnight overhaul to improve your own personal organizing habits. Sometimes, it just takes Little Things to make big steps.

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