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The Little Things #8

Whew! I don't know about you guys but last week flew by with tons of food, fun and family! So much so, that I completely forgot about my blog, even though I have a weekly calendar reminder and everything. Oh well, on to this week!

I'm ramping up a few new things for 2020, including some prep work for my first time at the Women's Fair in February. If I can talk shop for a moment, my biggest preparation so far has been to get all of my contacts and leads organized. As my business has grown, I've found myself transferring various things from paper to digital and this week I'm going to share a fun idea I found to keep business cards in order!

Now, I've been meticulously entering all of the info from the cards onto a spreadsheet program so this extra step isn't all that necessary but I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a little crafty. Plus, if you aren't a business owner or you just simply like having the physical card on hand this is a perfect option.

You'll Need:

A box- I grabbed a wood one from the craft store

Paint and/or a graphic for the top (I used a piece of scrapbook paper)

Spray glue or Mod Podge

Pretty paper for the dividers


It's pretty straight forward, you paint the cut the label the papers...

But! Here's a few pointers. Use a clear finishing spray to get a bit of shine on the top and when in doubt, go with a smaller box. As you can see, I was a little over ambitious about how much space I would need, so my box is a little empty. But! I also use it to house my own extra business cards which is another great use for it! Wins all around!

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