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The Little Things #7

Let's keep the kitchen vibe going with this week's Little Thing! I hate clutter. That's right, I used the "h" word. It makes me grouchy and irritable and stressed. This applies to my kitchen counters in particular. Between small appliances, junk mail and kid's toys, it's an easy recipe for disaster. So! I try to hang things wherever and whenever I can!

While I love drawer organizers, I don't find them particularly helpful for larger items like spatulas and serving spoons. Plus, awkward shaped things like whisks and ladles quickly take up space and can make the drawers hard to close. So, I began my Pinterest journey to find the best solution for my kitchen. I found so many neat options!

Because my counters have tile back-splash that goes all the way up to the cabinets, I decided to go with an under the cabinet hanger. And the best part? I made it myself! The Pinterest idea that I followed didn't have instructions so I kind of improvised and went with my gut. Yes, I messed up and had to fix it but that's just a personal flaw of mine, it was actually super easy!

You will need:

1 lazy Susan turntable hardware (I found mine at Home Depot)

1 wood plaque or block (craft store)

Screw-in hooks

Simply attach the wood piece to one side of the turntable and drill the other side into the bottom of your cabinet. Add the hooks and you're done! Side note, double check to make sure you can rotate the whole thing before you attach it...I may have learned that one from experience.

Tada! Isn't it beautiful! My utensils are organized, out of my drawers and easy to access! Super easy and it cost me like $10. Hooray!

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