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The Little Things #4

Okay, this week's little thing is the biggest of all the little things...that makes sense right? I know you've heard of them and if we've ever had a conversation that lasted longer than ten minutes, I'm almost positive you've heard me proclaim my love for them. Let's talk hooks, more specifically, let's talk Command Hooks.

To begin, yes I know of and love the strips, but today is all about those hooks. By now, I think I've mentioned a few times that I like to hang things. I have learned over the years that I don't get stressed out very often. However, clutter can take me there. I can't handle crowded counter tops or piled up corners and if I can, I will find a way to hang stuff on walls or doors or cabinets or even ceilings. Think about your own home for a minute. Do you have something that's constantly in the way or being moved from place to place without it ever finding a home? That's clutter, and I bet you could hang it.

Cool, so let's get back to those hooks and why they're so great. First, they come in a variety of sizes and strengths. You've got regular ones for bags and decorations, small ones for utensils and keys and giant, heavy duty ones for things like coats and backpacks. Second, they don't leave holes in the walls and you can remove and reuse them. Real talk, I'm not very patient. Measuring twice is not on my resume of life skills. So while it's a bad habit, Command Hooks let me guess and eyeball things a few times...if necessary of course.

Last and certainly not least, there is a large variety of specialty hooks. Command has really figured out people like me. I have a hook specifically for my broom and it's wonderful. They also have cool things like wire clips, decorative hooks and small organizers! I feel like every time I browse the isle they're on....which is often...I see something new.

So there we have it! I'll link some of my favorites below but I'd love to come check out your clutter at home! I bet I'll find something to hang.

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