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The Little Things #3

I love kitchens! I love cooking in them, I love organizing them and my favorite room on all those renovation shows is always the kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of social activity in my family and when we have friends over, so I love it when I can show off a new gadget or organization "Little Thing".

So, one of the most essential steps to organizing a kitchen is to optimize the spaces for every day use. That means, the things you use the most should be the most accessible. On too many occasions, I would be in the midst of cooking and realize that I hadn't grabbed all of the ingredients that I needed. My spice cabinet, while spacious and conveniently located, was cramped to say the least and I found myself pulling out the step stool and digging through my stuff to find what I needed. I would also run out of things and not remember for grocery day or the opposite, I would buy things I already had that were stuffed in the back.

To Pinterest I went! My long hours of searching and pinning narrowed my options down to two things. Build a pull out cabinet next to the fridge or build custom shelves in my existing spice cabinet. Our fridge ended up being too wide to accommodate the first option so I opted for spice shelves and matching spice bottles. I love matching things...and labels...and matching labelled things. So, needless to say I absolutely love the spice bottles I found. The shelves were pretty easy to make too (let me flex a little) and I love how they allow me to see all of the spices and labels when I open the cabinet. This also allows me to keep larger (and cheaper) quantities of things that I use all the time in a different location for refilling later!

Here are some links to the products I used and the guide I followed to build the shelves.

This is the original idea that I copied!

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