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The Little Things #1

Okay, so I am super excited about this week's blog post. I know that organization projects can be huge and daunting sometimes so my posts titled "The Little Things" will be about one small item making a huge difference.

For this first one I chose my really simple, but oh so effective, key holder. Over the past few years I've become a leave my purse/kid backpack in the car kind of girl. Which means my keys no longer had a safe place to sit while not in use and I found myself misplacing them constantly. They became unnecessary clutter on my kitchen counter and since my car is the kid car, my husband would often need them too which meant they weren't always where I originally left them.

Now, I realize that losing your keys is like a normal human experience but I didn't handle it well. When it takes an extra fifteen minutes to leave the house with two kids in tow, you don't have time or patience for a treasure hunt. So! I found a really simple solution in this wonderful little key holder. I don't remember where I bought it (let's be honest, it was probably Target) but I know it was under $10 and I can't imagine life without it. Seems dramatic I know, but remember it's the little things that can really make a big difference.

Here are some options for you to try in your own home!

And here's a fun Pinterest guide to make your own!

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