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Project Highlight: The Functional Garage

Time for another project highlight! This garage had simply fallen victim to a busy lifestyle. It's pretty easy to overlook your garage, especially if it isn't utilized as a regular work space, but there are a few easy steps to take to ensure that it stays organized and functional.

The first big step with this project was to clear out leftover mess from moving. Moving time can be stressful, but it is also the best time to get your home organized. You pack up only the necessities and then you get to start with a blank slate in your new place! Once your in, recycle that cardboard! And, if you need to, have a garage sale or donate some things!

Second step, shelving! Most garages have some way to hang or keep your things off of the floor, even if it's just a nail in the frame boards. But, if you really want functionality, install some easy shelves or invest in a few specialized hanging strips. This family was ready to put in a new work bench and it looked awesome in their cleaned out space! Don't forget about utility hooks, peg board and totes!

Tada! Looks amazing and everything has a place. Bring life and function back to your garage! I've linked a few helpful items below.

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