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The Art of Folding....And How It May Change Your Life

Time again for a post with a little more depth and personal touch. And yes, the title is pretty dramatic but you never may turn out to be true.

If you've been following the trend of organization at all, I'm sure you've seen a few things that made you think, "That's dumb, I don't really need to do that to be organized." Maybe it was talking to your possessions or hashing out a family plan. For me, it was folding.

I got into the KonMari game a little late, but I immediately began to consume everything I could from her. I read her books and binged her show, I even looked into how to become a consultant in her company. But, even after my immediate fandom began, I still scoffed at changing the way I folded and stored my clothes. My drawers and closets were organized already, what did I need that for? It wasn't until I started talking to other people about her methods and ideas that I realized how important that one little thing could be.

So, I gave in and decided to try it on one drawer...and then another....and another. I did a whole room. Eventually, I had refolded the entire house. Everything from towels to socks, I even bothered to redo my kid's clothes. And from this week long phenomenon I learned a few really valuable things.

1. It made a huge difference. I had dismissed the idea as unnecessary but it turned out to be super beneficial to my overall household organization.

2. It snowballed into something bigger than simple folding techniques. This one little thing led to my eventual launch of my own business in residential organization.

3. Little steps make huge ripples. I realize you have to be walking on water for this analogy to work but let me put it this way, starting small leads to bigger projects that used to feel a lot more overwhelming.

Now, I realize that a couple of those points are personal so let me connect the dots a little. Laundry is a hill (sometimes mountain) we climb on a regular basis. You open a drawer a couple times a day, at least, to take out a item of clothing or maybe a towel. I challenge you to refold just one drawer. It seems like a small thing to change, but it is a change that you will see day after day. Every time you open that drawer you get to see this little piece of accomplishment that you did. It's inspiring and I bet it becomes contagious. Soon you move on to a different drawer, then to a different room. All of a sudden, that bigger project doesn't seem so ridiculous anymore. That snowball is making all kinds of ripples...

So there's one of my secrets, for free even! If you want to start your own folding wave, I'll link a few helpful guides below including the books I followed myself. Thanks for reading!

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