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Project Highlight: The Over-sized Closet

Hey everyone! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season with lots of fun, food and family! Welcome to 2020! I'm really excited to dive into my new ideas and projects for this year though my new year has started out with a bit of a smaller bang than I had planned. I had hoped to post my very first video blog today but sometimes things happen and you just have to go with the flow instead of against the currant. So instead, let's look at this quick and easy project I did over the holidays!

How cool is this closet space? It's huge and has awesome built in shelving, it just needed a little bit of help recovering from holiday madness and a little bit of prepping for the coming years. As you can see, this space functions as storage space but also as a game cabinet and electronics hub. So, it needed to be sorted and easily accessible.

Like all of my projects, we started by hauling everything out of the space and sorting things into categories, including what would be donated and thrown away. This is seriously the most important step...I know I've said it before but I will continue to repeat it into eternity. Don't put things back into your organized space that do not belong there! With holiday decor my rule is if you haven't used it in two years, you probably don't need it.

Next step is scoping out the right place for everything. The games and electronics already had a pretty good spot with easy access, they just needed a little shuffling. I added some simple plastic totes and baskets to keep things from falling off the shelves and did a bit of rearranging. Still a big difference right?

The holiday decor was categorized and stored together, all using boxes and totes the owners already had! Don't forget, you don't have to have perfectly matched containers to be organized. Cardboard boxes are still in, just label them and you're good to go!

Tada! Now the space is functional and ready for next year! As a side note, I also organized this space to help prep the home for selling in the Spring. This is a new service that I'm going to add to my list this year and I'm really excited about it! Selling your home can be super stressful, but I can ease the pain a bit by helping you downsize, pack and even stage your home. Contact me for more details!

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