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Project Highlight: The Craftiest Room in All the Land

This project was so much fun! The homeowners wanted a small extra room converted into a functional craft room and I said "Hold my Pinterest board!" Seriously though, I had so many ides saved and prepared for this day and extra spaces are simply the best to work with.

While crafting comes in many shapes and sizes, hobbies in general take up a lot of space and it's so awesome to have a designated space for them. Even if you can't dedicate an entire room, sectioning out a place in your home really helps keep a positive head space for your hobby and also keeps the other areas of your house from being overrun.

Organizing for a hobby can be something as simple as labeling a tote or two all the way to clearing out a room and hanging some sweet peg board. And lets talk about that beautiful peg board! They painted and framed it which made it look even more professional and awesome, but the biggest idea to take away from the board is that everything has a place. Plus, I'm a huge fan of hanging things in general. Command strips and hooks are on my favorite things list.

Remember, your project doesn't have to be Pinterest worthy though I'm always down for that challenge. My goal is functional and that's something we can work on together!

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