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Project Highlight: Little Kitchen, Big Results

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Here we go with another awesome project highlight! I love organizing kitchens, I'm pretty sure I've said that before, but I also understand that they can be one of the most frustrating and overwhelming jobs. There's a lot of stuff to fit in those cabinets and that's if you have the cabinet space to begin with! But don't worry, even the tiniest kitchens can be organized.

Okay, so the most important thing about keeping kitchens organized is finding the right place to put everything. The stuff you use the most needs to be the easiest to access and visa versa. This pantry, for example, was pretty narrow but also pretty deep. To better utilize the space I added a couple of wire shelves in the back for stuff that isn't used as often. Toss everything in a few matching baskets and it looks awesome plus everything is easy to pull out and put back.

The next big thing is always pots and pans. You gotta have them but they can be the hardest thing to store and organize. If you have a large enough cabinet, these specialized racks and dividers work wonders! We moved some of the larger, and less often used, items like the griddle and stock pots to a separate cabinet so that the every day use pots and pans could be removed and returned with ease.

Next was the drawers! While I prefer to hang...well pretty much everything (Stay tuned for next week's Little Things post!), a simple drawer organizer like this one can make a big difference. It looks nice and it keeps like items together. For awkward shaped things like that apple slicer, use simple hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors!

I rearranged this cabinet and we moved some of the holiday use items to a harder to reach cabinet. Then, I tackled the other major headache of every kitchen, plastic containers. The best way to keep all the sizes, shapes and lids in order is to keep them together. In this case, all the plastic items fit in a lovely basket that matches the pantry baskets!

Last, but certainly not least, the spice cabinet! Once again, I put some of the items used less often at the top and the every day items were put on the lower shelves. The spices all fit in a basket for easy picking and we used those awesome hooks again for mixes!

And that was that! For more pictures of this and all of my projects check out my project gallery. And! If you want more awesome tips for organizing your kitchen, check out my blog posts titled "The Little Things". Most of my favorite items highlighted in those posts are for the kitchen!

Thanks again for reading!

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