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Project Highlight: Continuing the Process!

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

This Project Highlight will be a little different as it is a continuation of a previous project, but I hope it really shows how important it is to start with the right room and get the ball rolling for the rest of your home!

Okay! So I usually start with whatever project is most important to my clients but in this case I was given free reign of the whole house! If I can, I always start with storage spaces and this is a perfect example. Check out my previous blog post on this storage room for more info, but as you can see there was a ton of room after we finished and we now had access to awesome built-in shelves. Freeing up all that space made it so much easier to tackle some of the other projects located throughout the house.

Like this office! We were able to move some of the larger items into the storage room until they were sold/removed and we now had labelled tote space to put away and secure some of the older pictures and keepsakes. The hutch on the side was re-purposed as a game cabinet and we came up with a new filing system.

One of the biggest differences in this office was the closet. Once a space for off season clothes and holiday cookware, it can now be accessed easily which is great for file cabinets, kid's toys and larger cleaning items like the vacuum. Around the corner, we hung some Command broom hooks for additional cleaning storage. If you haven't heard me say it enough, you can check out my blog all about my love for Command here!

I also reworked and organized two other closets in the house, one of which is not pictured because I forgot to take a before. Sometimes, the excitement of organizing is just too much. Anyways, this bedroom closet originally hosted the black file cabinet, cookbooks and a few other office things that just don't belong in your clothes space. After freeing up space in the office and second closet, these awesome shelves could be used for sweaters, pants, undergarments and travel cases.

There we go! One great project after another and it all started with that storage room. I know it may seem odd to start with the one room that is great for hiding your mess but I promise it is well worth the time and effort if you truly want the rest of your home to be organized as well. Ready to start your own whole home organization? Send me a message, email or give me a call! Thanks for reading!

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