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Project Highlight- Classroom Closet Overhaul!

I got the opportunity to do another classroom project and I've got to tell you all I think this may be my new calling within a calling. I absolutely love organizing these spaces! Once again I was blown away by how much stuff teachers need!

We put in a lot of hard work, removing everything and meticulously sorting back through every item so that this space could be both functional and beautiful. When organizing a closet like this, it's really important do follow a few easy steps:

1. You need a system.

This means figuring out a working layout and sticking to it. That can mean different things for different spaces but in this case it was a matter of sorting things by frequency of use. Daily stuff on the lower shelves and quarterly or yearly used items up high.

2. Get your ducks in order and then tie them together.

See all of those lovely crates (that she already had!), those all have like items in them. So, glue in one and markers in the other..and they never go visit each other. This is super important when you have multiple people accessing your space that you want to keep organized.

3. Keep only what you know you need.

I know, I know. This is really, really hard to do in a classroom. You may need something way down the line and your budget is already gone for the rest of the year. Trust me, I get it. Start with the easy stuff like things you maybe haven't used in years, or even things that can be taken home and stored for potential later use. I understand the hesitation to throw or give away things in this situation but if it's piled under a bunch of stuff you won't know it's there to use it anyways.

And there it is! Beautiful right? If you are or know a teacher in need of some organization help send them my way! I have a special offer for teacher's classrooms and I'd love to help!

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