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Project Highlight: Back to School!

Okay, so it's a crazy busy time of year! It's good and bad and I bet a lot of you can relate since summer is wrapping up and the school seasons are in full swing! I was so happy to help a friend of mine organize her classroom closets!

So, I'm not a teacher but I am a mom and I do love school supplies, so I think the overlap there is pretty helpful. Keeping kid's stuff organized at home can be difficult enough so I can imagine the challenge is so much bigger when you have a full classroom of kids. I took a ton of ques from my teacher friend throughout this project on what would benefit her the most organization wise.

First things first, as with all organization projects, we focused on things that would be used on a regular basis and things that could be stored for limited use. This also included relocating certain items that needed to be locked away for teacher use only. She had a good sized storage closet, a couple of closets with easy kid access and a separate cabinet space that was perfect for locking away special stuff. The storage closet became a long term space while the kid's daily closets were utilized for every day stuff with easy access.

Now, in each space we focused on keeping like items together, such as reading materials versus math materials. This will make it so much easier to find certain things throughout the year and it will prevent buying items you already have, a plus for that tight teacher budget.

And of course, what project would be complete without labels! This is even more important in a setting where you have multiple factors (kids) to keep in check. If your students aren't old enough to read, use picture or color labels instead!

My main goal when organizing someone's space is to relieve stress and make regular habits easier. Being a teacher is physically and mentally demanding so I'd love to help de-stress your classroom in any way I can. I have a special offer available for teachers so send me a message, email or give me a call!

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