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Organizing on the Cheap!- Home Hack #2: Shoe Boxes

Okay, let me begin this week's post with a small disclaimer: this is not my original idea... I'm not sure that this is really necessary in the age of Pinterest but just in case, I totally borrowed this idea from Marie Kondo. But it's a great one! So read on...

So, I've said many times that I love to use shoe boxes as dividers or small organizers. I'm sure some of you have thought, "Ew, I don't want to use ugly, stinky shoe boxes." To that I say, fear not! While I can't help with the smell, here's a really simple way to spruce up that old box and make it look like a real drawer organizer.

You will need:

A shoe box (or in this case a shoe box lid)

Pretty paper


Some sort of cutting apparatus

Probably a ruler and a pencil

I just bought myself a neato paper cutter so look at me being super crafty. Really simple instructions, simply cut the paper to fit the inside of the box and glue down at least the corners so it doesn't slide around. I know some of you are way more crafty than I am, so you may feel the desire to also do the interior sides with paper or even pretty tape.

And that's it! Now you have a functional and fantastic looking organizer. And, unless you decided to line your box with $100 bills, I bet it didn't cost all that much... well I guess you could add the price of the shoes...

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