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Organizing on the Cheap!- Home Hack #1: Baskets

I'm sure some of you are rolling your eyes and going "Duh, Tana, everyone knows baskets are great for organization." And it's true! But wait! There's more! When I started my business I wanted my focus to be on a few things, one of them being that organization is something everyone can achieve. So, along with my other blog ideas I'm introducing a new one today called Organizing on the Cheap! These posts will focus on simple hacks that help bring your organization projects together without breaking the bank.

So! Back to baskets! I don't know about you, but I've seriously contemplated learning how to weave. I love matching baskets for things but being the cheapo that I am I hardly ever want to spend decoration store prices. I wait for sales or even longer for clearance and even then I have a hard time justifying it. Plus, sometimes I need them right away! I'm getting ready to give my pantry a face lift and I've been looking everywhere for decent prices on matching stuff with very little luck. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I'm sure you've seen it on Pinterest or Instagram before like I had, but I'm here to tell you first hand that spray painting baskets is awesome! It's cheap and easy and you can get matching baskets in pretty much any color imaginable. I finished up my first round today and seriously could not stop thinking "Why have I never done this before?!" I kind of grabbed a few different things to play around with and here's my quick list of do's and don'ts for painting your own!

1. Measure your shelf space.

I'm bad about this. As much as I like to plan ahead and rely on my calendar, I'm a mess when starting projects. Usually, it's because I think of something while I'm in the store but I've been working on going home and making a list before actually buying anything. So, this step is super important. You need to know how much space you have on your shelves and how much space you will need for what's going in the basket.

2. Shop around for the baskets.

I went to a handful of dollar stores and hit up a few dollar sections before deciding on what to try. This lets you decide on a style you like and gives you the option of mix and matching different shapes.

3. Be patient.

This may not be hard for some of you but I find myself wanting to rush to the end of projects when I start them. I'm so excited to see the end product! But, I've learned the hard way that spray paint in particular works so much better if you go slow and do multiple layers of paint. And! Let the paint dry completely in between coats so you don't get that weird texture that happens when you don't. I ended up doing three coats and I will top them off with a clear coat sealer for extra protection.

Tada! They look awesome and it was a fraction of the price I'd pay for real metal or matching grey ones! I have a handful of others to finish and I'll be sure to post them as well!

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