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Let's Talk Plastic Containers

I love organizing kitchens. All of the cool gadgets and utensils, spice racks, unique appliances, all of it! But, kitchens can be pretty tricky to keep organized because of all that stuff that needs to go in them. One of the biggest headaches in the kitchen is plastic containers. You can't ever find the one you want to use in the moment and if you can, the lid has fallen into the wormhole in the back of your cabinet. Here's a few tips and tricks that will help!

1. Pull every piece out and make sure you have matching lids.

This step is crucial if you want your cabinet to stay organized on a daily basis. Unmatched lids and containers will only take up valuable real estate and hinder your process. This may also be the perfect time to throw out some of your old pieces and replace them with matching new ones. I particularly like the sets that have same size, interchangeable lids. Less to deal with.

2. Sort function, not necessarily size.

Put your containers into groups based on how often you use them. You'll notice in my organized picture below that I have some of my stuff on the top shelf in the back. I don't use those very often and they happen to be some of the more awkward shaped pieces anyways. A win on both counts. Bring the stuff you use the most to the front and then stack/store by size and shape. This will make things easier to find and it will keep you from having to dig through your neatly stacked stuff.

3. Optional, but consider buying size appropriate storage pieces.

I absolutely love those plastic baskets from Target, but shoe boxes or some of your unmatched containers will work too! Your main goal is to keep those stacks straight and your lids in line.

And voila! You can kiss the days of lids falling out and foil covered containers goodbye!

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