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Let's Talk Junk Drawers

Okay, so to begin with I hate that term. If it's junk, you don't need it. Don't put it in your drawers...or anywhere but the trash. But, I also know that pretty much every home has one (including mine) and I haven't come up with a clever name to replace it. So, here are some helpful tips to keep that space organized!

It's sort of funny how this one little thing connects a lot of different people. Who decided that the awkward drawer in your kitchen was the best place for pens, random paper clips, candles and ketchup packets? I've sort of drawn the conclusion that the kitchen tends to be the busiest place in your home which means you do a little of everything in there. This actually makes a good argument for the (junk) drawer to contain a variety of items and to be centrally located. That being said, it's really easy to just toss random things in it so here are some ways to avoid that bad habit.


First step, take everything out and sort the things that really need to be in there. Get rid of the rest. If it has another place in your home great, but don't hang on to things that have been hidden away in the junk drawer for years. If you haven't needed it until now odds are you won't need it in the future. If you really don't want to part with something, say replacement Christmas light bulbs and fuses, grab a plastic container and designate a special location for those in the garage or even better in the container you keep your lights in. As for things like ketchup packets and individual salt and pepper servings, when was the last time you used them instead of grabbing the bottle or shakers? Toss em!


The fun part! Now that you have an idea of what will go back in the drawer, head over to your local dollar store and grab a few cheapy baskets or dividers. This keeps like items together and it gives you a a grid of sorts to maintain an organized space. Plus, it looks super awesome when you're done and you'll feel instantly happy every time you open that drawer.

Stick with the plan

Which leads to the next part, don't put junk in your now anti-junk drawer. There, I came up with something. This space is now functional for your every day busy life, stay in the habit of finding a designated place for things and tossing stuff you really don't need.

These steps can be applied to pretty much any organization project but this is the perfect place to start! It's a quick, cheap and easy project to get the ball rolling! Happy organizing!

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