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Home (Organizing) for the Holidays!

I'm not ashamed, I love the holidays. I love decorating, baking, getting together with everyone and I love love love buying gifts for people. With all of the fun activities, events to plan and attend and of course the decorations and gifts, the holidays can go from candy canes to hurricanes. What? I'm not a comedian, okay. Anyways! Here's a few of my favorite hacks and tips for surviving the festivities with an organized home.

Decoration Storage

When we moved a few years ago, I finally got the mantle space I had always wanted for decorating. I have slowly added things every year, for every season, which really adds up to a lot of things that need storage space. I started with storing things in boxes I already had, diaper boxes and covered in trash bags. Then, after each season I would scour the clearance sections and grab a few holiday colored, plastic totes. Eventually, I had what I needed and everything was color coordinated! Need a system quick? Check out garage sales, estate sales or keep an eye out for business that are closing. Here's a link for that middle picture, free storage system printables!

Wrapping Paper

I already shared my own wrapping paper system, but I'll share it again with a few other options! If you have the space, those plastic bag holders from IKEA are awesome (and cheap). If not, consider hanging them in a plastic clothes cover or there are plenty of under-the-bed storage options. Again, there are usually color themed totes that go on clearance the day after Christmas, including the flat ones or even wrapping paper specific ones.


One of my favorite decorations for all seasons! I love to make them, which means I have a few. I have a small closet that houses my craft things, wrapping paper and wreaths. For most of them, I simply hang them in plastic bags on hangers. If you have an open storage room, you can use a portable cloths rack or similar structure. I like the ones with wheels so you can move it out of the way if necessary. And, like everything else, there are special totes specifically for wreaths if you only have one or two to store.


We don't really hang lights on the house anymore, but I remember the struggle of keeping everything neat and ready to use for the next year. Once again, it seems there is a storage tote for everything, but it's just as easy (and more cost effective) to make your own storage boards out of cardboard. Plus, I absolutely love the idea of keeping extra bulbs and fuses in a pill case!

Holiday Planner

I know, right? Who uses an actual paper planner these days? Well, I do. On top of my phone calendar, Hub cookbook, One Note...the list goes on. I'm a natural planner and as such I plan for any and all outcomes this time of year. That includes a day where I need a recipe, the WiFi is down, my phone won't connect and I've lost all of my digital lists. Hey, it could happen. Also, I've found that my brain stores information much better if I physically write it out. So! I found this neat little planner in the dollar section at my favorite store and I use it to keep recipes new and old, grocery lists for planning and cook times. I love it and I'm obviously not the only one because I found a bunch of other useful tools to help plan your holidays. I even added a digital option that looks just beautiful.

I hope this helps keep your home happy and ready for all of the holiday rush! I'm so excited to move into next year, with new things starting and more organizing coming your way. Happy Holidays!

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