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Gallery Dump- Closet Addition

Little bit different vibe this week, focusing on closets! Every home has them, some more than others, and every closet has the potential to be the best and worst space in the house. Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks to keep your closets organized.

Use your space wisely, young grasshopper.

This applies to cabinets too, just in case you don't have appropriate closet spaces. Give each closet a purpose whether it's your linen, cleaning or coat closet. Most closets have more than one purpose, and that's okay! Just make sure that all of one thing is in one space. Take my picture above as an example. This is my youngest son's bedroom closet and thanks to awesome folding techniques (See last week's blog post!) I have the ability to use it for more than just clothes. Leftover diapers in the boxes (Diaper boxes are awesome for storage!), a big tote for random baby things, hanging room for the few clothes I do hang plus the hamper that doesn't stay up on it's own and then shelf space for wipes and outgrown clothes. This is all stuff that I am currently using, other kid items that he has either grown out of or isn't ready for are all in a storage space. That makes this closet easy to use on a regular basis.

Bet you can guess what my next tip is...

That's right, labels! So, this is the top of my linen closet. Each category here has a dedicated space and is labelled for ease of finding and restocking. You'll notice that I haven't found a light bulb box yet, but the important thing is that those are all of my extra light bulbs in the house. Same with the batteries, soaps and cleaning stuff (Though I do keep a separate caddy for my weekly bathroom cleaning). Labels not only help you remember what goes where but it also helps everyone else in the house.

Come together...right now...

This last tip sort of brings the first two together. Designate your space, label your items and then keep them separate. Plastic containers, baskets, shoe boxes (and lids!), whatever you can find! Utilize them to keep your things separated but together in your closet. Once again, this helps with retrieval and returning plus it makes shopping so much easier. It allows you to say, "Do I need sunscreen? Let me check the ONE spot it could be. No more excess buying and wasting money on stuff that may expire before you get to it.

Tada! Three easy steps to beautifully organized closets! I'd be happy to lend a hand of course. Send me a message, email or give me a call! Here are a few examples of closet makeover success!

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